Where to start learning Python

Hi, i just decided that I want to get into python and of course blender python.
I am a bloddy beginner, with no experince in programming…
Does anyone know if there is a python training in Berlin, Germany?
How did you guys start using python?

One of zillions of available online resources is Udemy. I had one course, however it was Webdriver oriented, so I’m not able to point any specific one for you, but I’m sure you can find something interesting there. They usually have very good prices - it’s worth checking at least.

Codecademy.com is good, too. It lets you practice and write code while you’re learning

thanks- but it seems all to be online… Is there any “physical” trainig that you can suggest?
I would like to have 1 or 2 weeks BOOTCAMP to have a bit of a foundation
(I have a littlr time right now, and my company would even pay for it!)