Where to start with Blender?

Hello , i always tend to start using blender by learning tutorials but then i dnt understand much of the stuff i do , so i was wondering , could any of u gr8 artists tell me where & how u started learning and what u recommend , thnx mates =]

Start here:


The thing with Blender is that it is always improving, and adding more functions. When I started 2.49b was out, but there was a ton of talk about all the changes coming with the 2.5 update. 2.4x tutorials were pretty easy to find, and I thought well I’ll just learn 2.4x and forget 2.5x exists until I have a good grasp of 2.4x. Then after 2.5 came out I came to my senses and decided why waste time learning an old program. Sure 2.4x has more functions, more tutorials, and more support, but 2.5x will catch up eventually and I’ll be progressing right along with it. At first tutorials were a little hard to find for 2.5x specifically, but slowly but surely they started popping up. Blender Guru, Blender cookie, and Blender Nerd became my main go to sites for new current tutorials, and the rest is just playing with Blender, and using it on a regular basis.

Now all of that said, and this might not be to the same opinion as everyone else… but if you are just doing blender as a hobby I would suggest only doing Cycles tutorials. The Blender internal can do more at this time, and there are more tutorials out for it, but just like in my case why learn something that is on it’s way out. If your time is limited like mine this will save you a lot of time not having to re-learn stuff. There are a good amount of cycles tutorials out now. At least enough to get you started, and as you learn you’ll grow right along with cycles. B-mesh is a bit of a game changer as well, but not as much as cycles.

Anyway this might differ depending on what you want to do with Blender, but this is how I learned, continue to learn, and my thought process behind it.

Happy Blending!

Well, Blender, and any 3D software is a huge thing to wrap your head around.
The question when approaching art making should be “What do I want to make”, shouldn’t it?
Once you know what you want to make, you figure out how to make it. Find a tutorial that seems to shed some light on how you might approach it.
I’ve only recreated about 4 tutorials, but I’ve watched about 400, some of them 4 times. You pick up things to solve your problem.


Working with graphics isn’t a small thing and I wouldn’t say I’d recommend starting with 3D, I’d start with pixel- & vector graphics first, then going into 3D, it’ll just give you so much more insight into how it all works together… And knowing pixel graphix well is an absolute must for working in 3D anyway…

mmm…interesting , thanks mates , ill look into everything everyone recommended :slight_smile:

What was it that you were trying to do, and what was the problem with understanding it?

no real problem except a lack of basic knowledge of all functions i suppose , im mainly into 3D for character modeling , but usually i just jump into an advanced tutorial instead of trying a basic one , but i would like to learn about blender as all of blenders assets bit by bit , if so i thought i would listen to artists advice about how they started this wonderful journey through this wonderful artistic world

I have a bit of a problem…

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here’s the .blend file, in case it helps u fix my prob: