Where to start with modelling a car?

(Voodooman64) #1

Hey all…I’m really new at this and am looking for any pointers anyone has with rendering a car. I want to draw (My fav car) a 1970 - 1974 Plymouth 'Cuda in Blender, and don’t know where to start. I see tutorials using Nurbs Surfaces and such, and people mention subsurfs and I am completely lost…does anyone have any pointers of where to start? I would greatly appreciate any advice to get me going…and I’ve already got the 1970 340 AAR Cuda blueprints and intend to use those.

I was also wondering what method the author of that awesome pontiac GTO used to build the car in pieces like that…

(micabr) #2

Well when I start on an automobile I work on the doors first then move on to the body… trunk…front end. Hope that helped you out in some way.

(kos) #3

ok…have you done anything else in blender?tried out the newbie tutorials?jumping to modelling a car is not that easy.i don’t want to break your heart…but the fact is that making a car needs immense amount of modelling skills(sometimes more than character-modelling).have you any experience with meshes?i think meshes are best for modelling a car(and everything :wink: ).i would advice you not to model a car right now.try to model some simpler things.when you are an experienced person of modeling say 3-4 months atleast then you will find the right way to model the car all by yourself 8) .

(slikdigit) #4

Look for reference pics/blue prints and use them as rotoscopes. in blender the easiest way to go is probably meshes/subsurfs, but there’s nothing to stop you from using nurbs, or starting with them then converting to mesh.

(Voodooman64) #5

I’ve been doing lots of other modeling with Blender, and have gotten really familiar with it, so am really a newbie with just modelling cars. Just wanted to know what sorta techinques work to get the best models.

(theeth) #6

Blengine (aka Imgrandpaboy) has a video tutorial about how to build a car.


(JDA) #7