Where to start?

Where would a good place be for a newbie to animation to start? I have some video tutorials done by Neil Hersig, but I was wondering where would be a good place to start in learning to use the things he talks about. I want to actually create something, not just put a box or sphere on the screen and make it move from point A to point B. What would be a quick easy animation to create, and how do I do it? Would making a walking person be too difficult? I just want to get my feet wet with something simple and build from there.

You can bust out an armature and start posing it,

you could use the array moddifier on a cube, and start making abstarct animations

I would google “graybeards” blender tutorials and watch them

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Wow those were quick responses.

Thanks guys. I’ll check out your suggestions.

I’ve seen videos of things liquifying and moving around. Those are pretty cool. How difficult is that to do?

not hard at all,
you will find, the more you learn the tools, the eisier blender will become,
spend the time to learn the tools, and you will do great things.

Thanks. I’m really anxious to start creating things with blender, but I do have to get used to using the tools and functions. That’s why I’m looking for something easy to start with. :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded the tutorial from the Wikiblender site, but I can’t figure out how to download the video tutorials from Greybeard’s site. I left click on the links for each video tutorial and it plays the video in Windows Media Player. I right click it but I can’t use the save options. I need to put these files on a flash drive and transfer it to my pc.

Does anybody know how I can download Greybeard’s video tutorials?

This is the site I got from my Google search on Greybeard’s video tutorials. http://www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/

Is this the correct site?