Where to Start???

So I’m learning Blender currently and I’m currently just reading through books to learn and plan on doing tons on video tutorials next. My question is… whats the best route to go?? How did you learn and how long did it take you to get pretty fluent at making characters/houses/terrains??? Just curious and would like to know your stories because call me blendcrazy, but I wanna make stuff and get it into a game sooner or later =). And it seems to be taking forever to learn.

There is tons of stuff you can do with Blender. When you are starting out, it can be overwhelming. Just start building simple geometries everyday; tryout different things. Your knowledge, speed, and confidence will grow. As they say “Just Do IT.”

haha. Alrighty then. Simple enough answer. thanks =)

I’m a newbie too/--…and I wanna learn it as fast as possible and i wanna do ti for free…:slight_smile:
Can any1 help me???(~

The way I learned:
Watched videos on blendercookie.com, YouTube, blenderguru.com, and experimented :wink:

I also read some books, specifically “Blender Foundations” by Roland Hess.