Where to start?


I am completely new to Blender and need a point in the right direction, i have watched a few tutorials on youtube which have been helpful with learning basic controls and shortcuts but my question is where do i start?

My main focus is to do car modelling, i have done a little bit of it in the past but as soon as i came across problems i would give up. im dedicated this time to take it on properly no matter how long it takes me to learn.

What are some basic things to learn that will benefit me immensely when it comes to car modelling? any help would be much appreciated!

Thankyou, Russ

Plenty of references and good blueprint/vector drawings set up correctly, plus good topology is key as well. Shrinkwrapping is also a good method as well to keep any pinching from happening and keeping areas that are inset or cut out of the body nice and clean looking.

Something like this

Don;t start with a big project like a car or head. just do amll tutorial and build your skills. It is the best way to progress.
Just go to youtube and look up Blender tutorials

There is not just one proper path. Besides just looking at stuff on videos and searching the web for Blender terms, I recommend learning the hotkeys. The default hotkeys were selected over the course of years of use and basically all the most important operations have a hot-key assigned. Look at the bottom of the pane when a command is active to see if there are suggested modifiers.
Still though, I learned a lot of hotkeys by just pressing random things and seeing what happens. If you have some idea what you’re trying to accomplish, the spacebar search is great, and it has the hotkeys along the right side, so you don’t have to search for the command every time.
If you’d like something to start with, here’s my Blender Tutorial file, which will guide you off the rails as best as I could a couple years ago.

Good luck!