Where, where did my textures go?

So, I was practicing some tests…I followed a tut on how to export your game, blahblah. BUT for some reason, the textures did not go with them. WHHHAAAIII? What am I missing? Shifty eyes Someone is sure to know…

The test is here:


The answer is, you didn’t include them with the game. Before running you can pack the textures into the blend file (file->external data->pack into blend). If you don’t want to pack them, then you need to include them in the game relative to where they were to the blend file, or a absolutely depending on your preferences.

If you have the textures scattered, and want them organized with your game for distribution, a quick fix is to pack the data, and then unpack it. Blender will make a texture folder and put all the textures neatly in it.

Good luck

I seeeeee, I see. What a very useful piece of information. Thank you!