Where would be a good place to start if I'm coming from Sketch-Up?

Hello, I am new to using Blender. I’ve tried it before, but never really got into it. I’ve recently wanted to learn how to use it, cause I want to get into something a little more complex.

My problem is, the only other 3D program I’ve ever used has been Sketch-Up. I know that SU is very different than a lot of other 3D programs in both interface, and usability. I am wondering what would be a good place for me to start in terms of using Blender?

I want to get efficient at Blender, and I feel that figuring out the interface, and hot keys should be my first priority, but if I wanted to get into something like modelling environments for games (including exterior, and interior) where would be a good place to start?

We all learn things differently. I love videotutorials and there’s a ton of them online. One of the better sources imo is Andrew Price’s BlenderGuruwhere he’s been producing hi quality tutorials for years now. Blender Cookie is also a good source for hq tutorials. Other sites I can think of is Blender Diplom (some really nice Cycles/materials/texturing tutorials there) and CGI Trainer on Vimeo is another…

Well, now watch tutorials until your eyes & ears bleed and you’ll have a good idea where to start… :smiley:


Okay, thanks.