Where ya from?

Here’s a poll I haven’t found posted before, so I’m assuming it’s new.

I just wanted to know where you’re all from? And I don’t mean where you live, but your ethnic group.(i.e. Where your parents come from).

Excited to see the results:D

I’m lebanese, for the record;)

EDIT: PLEASE only vote once unless you are actually Multi-Ethnic. Thank you:)

Norwegian from Norway.
(In Northern Europe for you ignorante Americans;) )

Sorry, just posted the poll. You can vote now:)

What about South-East Asian?

Could you change Australia to Australasia to include us Kiwis?

I’m from this thread.

Why don’t you pay us a visit?

How is it possible to be from “other”? All the continents are here, except Antarctica

well pacific islands for one were not included.

Ehh, the Pacific Islands are in Australasia…


@ Valarking: This kind of thread ain’t on the list. I didn’t post a “Where do you live” thread.:slight_smile:

@Bjellereven: I’m sure there’s an area I haven’t mentioned, and it sure would be interesting to know we have blenderists from Antarctica;)

I’m from North America. I wonder if there’s any blenderheads on the ISS…

Bjellereven: actually i added that using my Mod powers, it used to be “Australia”



That was you?:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

Ok, you are forgiven :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh…had to choose other:slight_smile:

from mamma. where’s that option? ain’t no good for “other”.

Wales unfortunately…

from mamma. where’s that option? ain’t no good for “other”.

Dear mom, you never did explain just where the heck dad came from. :slight_smile:

well, this guy(me) is from Mexico… so it is the last country going to south of North America