wheres my model?

hi everyone
i tot abit through this model of my house then it all disappeared can anyone help please?
my first house model so pointers most welcome

thx in advance

View clipping border is active (Alt + B) or in 3D view menu [View>Clipping Border… Alt B]

Oh yes, I remember this moment in my own learning. That’s a frustrating lesson.

thanks so much so simple yet so annoying can I ask what it would be used for?

In scenes with a lot of geometry it helps you focus on one area alone without other stuff getting in the way. Hide is limited to full faces but with alt b you can see parts of the faces as well as the vertices you work on. It doesn’t really improve the viewport performance, so I haven’t used it except to learn about it.

\ hanks howtoblend i prob won’t use it but gd to know if i ever did want to :slight_smile:

Yeah. It’s always good to know the tools available. I’m sure whomever developed it had something in mind. lol.