Where's Subsurf?

I have 2.42a and I want the subsurf but I simply can’t find the button.
I’m looking on this site…
But there’s nothing after “degr. 30”.

Please help

Add Modifer --> Subsurf

Got it. Thanks.

Shortcut is ctrl+# where # is the level of subsurf wanted… ctrl+2 for level 2 etc. Easier for fast switching while modeling.

Now…how do my put a pic in the background. It’s too different.

View -> Background Image

Sorry…now I can’t find the part when he says add a box. Meaning doing "space/ add mesh/cude.
Where’s that?

And the rest, I know I can do it.

Press the space bar and a menu will come up, on the menu go Add>Mesh>cube.

Heres a link to a newer tutorial That will be much easier to follow