Where's the best place to learn python?

I tried looking up on youtube a tutorial on movement in the blender game engine and it ended up failing because I think most of the tutorials were for blender 2.49 but where can I find python tutorials for blender 2.5?

i like these tutorials:


I have quite a few Python tutorials on my blog, Game Up!

Really nice tutorials solarlunar thanks. Wow lol this is literally EXACTLY what I was looking for. Quick question is it hard to learn python if you don’t know any programming, because blender is my first game engine and even the first programming that I have ever done?

if you havent learnt programming at all, maybe a starter course is required… i have read through http://inventwithpython.com/ and recommended it to a number of people already! :slight_smile:
It starts very basic and builds up, giving some fun little simple playable games along the way!

If you have no experience with Python, I would recommend at least downloading the documentation and going through that short tutorial - that alone will introduce you to the concepts (variables, lists, etc).

Right, here’s how I learnt:

  1. modifying other peoples code to suit my needs. Took scripts mainly from tutorialsforblender3d.com (they are nicely commented) The first thing I tried was splitting the mouselook script into two parts. Now I see that they had already done that, but hey, it taught me things. Modifying other peoples code gives you a feel for the language, and increases your knowledge about the syntax

  2. Learn about the console. You know that cmd window that opens every time you start blender? Well, that is your biggest help in blender game python. It will tell you syntax errors, and can give you outupts from the print command. eg: print(“hello”)

  3. Go check out the API, a list of everything that can be accessed through python in blender.

Through this method I have learned how to program OK in the BGE, with no prior knowledge of python or other serious language (unless you count basic or turbo pascal)

There is no step by step way to learn, as everyone is different, but if you are dedicated and want to. You will.
Go forth and conquer this challenge

sdfg is right, though the command window doesn’t open automatically anymore - you have to do it with the Help menu (or, you can make a shortcut to run Blender that opens the command window automatically with a certain command).