where's the bge debug console in 2.71?

I can not find the debugging console in blender 2.71. I came over from 2.6 and it was in was in the “window” drop-down menu at the top on that version, but now there’s just: “duplicate window”, “toggle fullscreen”, “save screenshot”, and “make screencast”. Where is the debugging console.
BTW, I tried the “run script” button in the text editor and it said “python script fail, look in console for now…” so it doesn’t seem like they removed it…
Thank you everyone for taking time :smiley:

Ok, I find some screenshots online…here’s the 2.6. “Window” menu:

And here it’s one I found of the 2.7 “window” menu:

However, mine doesn’t look like this.
I am running blender on ubuntu Linux, don’t know if that changes anything? :confused:
Is there something I need to turn on or something???