Wheres the bottom, otherside and back view?

Is there a way of setting these up? im having a right job unwrapping an object when i have to keep rotating the object by 180’ just to unwrap from view

Add CTRL to the NUMPAD{1,7,3} combinations.

Ya, this really should be in the menu system… along with CTRL-NUMPAD-0 (change active camera) :mad:


It is in the menu system, well sort of. If you hold down CTRL and click top
you get bottom, etc.
CTRL + camera view does something weird though, havn’t figured this one out and I have to restart blender to get out of whatever is going on.

Pixelmas: Ctrl-0 is making the selected object into the camera. Any object can act as the “camera”. Useful for things like aiming lamps.

Cool man, thanx for the info :slight_smile:

great, thats helped me loads