Where's the dimmer switch?

Ok I’m currently using 2.5 here and I can’t find out how to change the values for lamps, i.e ambience, colour, intensity, that kind of thing. I know its possible but I can’t find the place. Please halp.

Btw does anyone know how to make panels become vertcal? I’d like to move my materal/properties panel set from the bottom to he side.

To change the lamp settings, select a lamp in the buttons window select the little lightbulb icon to show the lamp settings.
To set the buttons vertical split a window so its vertical and set it to a buttons window. If you haven’t set a default window layout just use File / New or File / Load Factory Defaults. The default layout for the buttons is vertical.
If you want to open a 2.49 blend file make sure you deselect ‘Load UI’ in the file browser window in blender.
If you right mouse click in the window I think it gives the oprion vertical/horizontal.

What lightbulb button? I select a lamp and get stuck in object mode, no new buttons appear on the button bar, or not that I’ve noticed.

Here are the first couple of buttons for a lamp in Object mode:

And here they are in Object Data (i.e. Lamp) mode:

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