Where's the displacement modifier?

I wish to create a box with a displace modified surface from a bitmap.
I’ve created the box and used subdivide to get lots of verts.
Now, according to the wiki i should use the displace modifier.
I’ve looked for it in the “Add modifier” in edit context, but there’s no such thing…

i’m using blender version 2.42a, anyone have any idea where the displace modifier is?

It’s in CVS. You need to compile it yourself or use binaries others has made.

ok, thanks for your reply.

now i got a few questions:

  1. whats the difference between the map to -> disp in the texture context, and the displace modifier in the edit context?
  2. can i use the texture way to make an object with actual bumps from a bitmap (not just to render them, but to actually have the surfaces displaced)?
  3. i managed to load my texture, and get the preview window of the texture context to show what i want, how do i make it apply these bumps to my mesh?
  1. Modifier allows you to see displament in 3D-view without rendering it.
  2. Yes, this is exactly what displace modifier does.
  3. Are you using modifier or old method?

I see, correct me if im wrong - using the “old method” (using texture -> disp) would only render the bumps, and using the CVS method (displace modifier) would allow me to see the displacement in 3D-view (and thats what i wanted).

That’s right. And with modifier you can also use vertex groups to define which area of mesh is displaced.