Where's The Empty??

So I’m doing this tutorial about coding, and I’m currently learning how to make a shooting bullet. Well anyways, I’m supposed to add an empty to the scene, but when I hit spacebar and type in “Empty” to search for it, it doesn’t show. Apparently there isn’t an option for it?? I’m using 2.63, and my settings are for Blender Game, so what’s going on?

Oh wow, just figured it out. I feel like such an idiot… Nevermind.

Actually I have another question. Why is it the first time I hit P to play the game I just get a grey screen and have to escape it and hit P again to be able to see the screen?

This is the Blender and CG Discussions section of the forum. You’re more likely to get a response about questions like these in the Game Engine section of the forum.

In any case, I’m not sure why you would need to press P twice to see the game. Are you in textured view mode? What computer / graphics card are you using? Have you updated your graphics drivers?

I have a Radeon x1400 and my drivers are up to date. my computer is a Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop. And I’m in Solid view mode. it’s not a big problem really, but it’s just really annoying to have to enter the game then exit and enter it again just so I can see it. :confused: