Where's the Hair!

I’ve been wondering if their has been any word about them fixing the issue with hair particles. Even this most current version still hasn’t fixed the collision problem. As it is, Hair/fur particles fall through the mesh if you apply physics to it. And yet I see alot vids from version 2.46 and such that seems work just fine. Yes, I know I could do the jumping version thing, but realy doesn’t make sense having bounce back and forth between the versions.

Did you give the guide hairs some particle weight?

Uhm, yeah sort of, except no, not really. Phonybone is proposing to split hair and particles apart as hair doesn’t really fit with the way particles work. This should make any particle develoment easier, if anybody picks it up.

I believe Broken’s position is that Blender’s hair isn’t anywhere near production ready and it really should be based on some of the technical papers published on the subject.

Has there been any news suggesting that someone is tackling the job of making a production ready hair system? Or is hair development pretty much dead right now? Who developed the current hair system? Whats that person doing now? Just curious, since hair is a heavily sought after feature, especially for me. :slight_smile:

Right now they are only discussing separating hair-specific stuff from the other particle code, i don’t think we’ll see anything interesting any time soon. The really interesting stuff should be when Cycles starts supporting hair strands, and when all the physics issues are fixed, but that won’t be soon either…

You can read the discussion on the mailing list HERE.

I’m afraid I don’t know of anyone currently developing the Hair system.

I think Jahka developed the current system with cloth dynamics by Genscher. Joeedh was hired by the Blender Foundation to work on hair during Sintel. I’m not sure if any of that made it over to trunk. I know he committed some code to do with the Eltopo library but it got reverted.

Gensher seems to have scaled back his Blender coding, though he was going to mentor the missing Christopher Neal during GSoC. Joeedh is working on Bmesh. I believe Jahka is working with Phonybone on the new Paged Particles.