Where's the "normal rendering"?

Hello everybody! I have a question: How to render any mesh with “normal rendering” in Blender? By “normal rendering” I mean rendering when each face has only one color without any specular hot pots or shadows.


On this picture every face have its own color, no specular, no shadows, no hot pots.

Thank you for any responses.

It’s under Mesh Display

Note that you’ll need to be in Edit Mode. Then just take a screen shot.
There is no way to render the normals that I know of. But if you just want to send the image to someone as a reference this is sufficient.

I recommend that while in Object Mode check Display>Only Render.
Then in Edit Mode set to Edge Select so you won’t see verts.
Finally, deselect the object so that you won’t see the transform widget.

you could also render a Normal color for faces
color changing is function of angle to camera!

what are you trying to show or do here!

are you workng in bl or cycles renderer?

happy cycles

That’s just flat shading, available from the t panel, or spacebar search.

this image totaly has everything you say it doesn’t, shadows, specular and hot spot. the whole thing including the manipulators are modelled textured and lit. i have no idea what you are trying to ask here

Sorry for blurry explanation of my question (I’m learning English). I don’t need to see the normals of meshes by “normal rendering” I mean a simple type of rendering when each face has ONLY one color (no shading, no specular light, ONLY true ambient light).

Something like this:

(don’t pay attention to reflection and JPEG compression)

another thing here
your not showing a normal vector your showing more like a 3D widget

yoy could make a simple arrow set the origin at the base then use dupliface to have arrow at center of all faces!
then it would show you a normal vector at center of all faces!

if that is what you want!

happy bl

Would those be aligned with the UV map(s)?

did see any UV in first post
but there is this widget on each face
i think he wants to see a normal / face in the render adn not the viewport

let him come back and tell us what he wants then will see !

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I wonder if he is referring to a normal map? The image he posted on the 20th looks a little like a normal map. Or perhaps he want a toon shader?

i think he is refering to AO light set up
with almost no shadow and shading on faces!

is this what you want ?

hapyp cycles

volter9, you keep saying you want a render that doesn’t have things like specularity or shadows, but then you keep posting example images that do have those things. Can you find an example image that actually displays the features you’re describing? Or perhaps show an image that you made that isn’t what you want and show us what is wrong with it.

I think you just want a shadeless material. That’s easy: if you’re in Blender Internal, just tick the Shadeless box and you’re done. But as for “each face having just one color” I don’t know what you mean. Do you want each face to have a different color? Do you want the whole material to be just one color over the whole mesh?