Where's the 'Save as runtime' on blender 2,5?????

I can’t find how to save my game as a stand alone file in 2.5 :confused:

Please help me!

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There was similar question asked not long ago, maybe that thread will have better luck:

quit posting multiple threads askin the same question, and there is a search option for a reason.

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Soz about the multiple threat things but I’m kind of new to this and getting used to how to use it.

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I can’t find how to save my game as a stand alone file in 2.5 :confused:
You can’t save stand alone games in 2.5 yet because there is no blenderplayer for 2.5. If I remember correctly, the devs are working to fix all the bugs in Blender itself before working on the blenderplayer. In other words, your going to have to wait for the final release of 2.5.

PS: If you pack your game with the stand alone player (blenderplayer) then your work falls under the General Pubic License (GPL). This is from the blender website (link):

Games created in Blender (.blend files) are program output and therefore not covered by the GPL. You can consider them your property, and license or sell them freely.
With stand-alone games however, any data that is included inside the actual stand-alone executable is covered by the GPL. If this is a problem then you should set up the stand-alone player so it reads from external .blend files.

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I was making a game for my friend in 2.5, now I know I’d better wait to do it in 2.5 and do it 2.49 first instead. I can always do it in 2.5 later anyway.

Thanx again, if you hadn’t of told me this I might have wasted a lot more time trying to work out how to do it.

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That’s why it has got ‘alpha’ in its name. You should not expect the functionality that is in 2.49 to be present.

I gave up using the search function after multiple attempts, even using simplest keywords. I thought it was just my slow…?..(2gigs ram and processor, pentium4 pc?), but then I heard several others mention it also. So…yeah.

And how does one set up the Blenderplayer so that it reads from external files, pray tell? I remember thinking this when I went and read that tutorial the first time, but then got distracted by other Blender coolnesses :confused:

The Blenderplayer is in a semi-working state. People have a tendency to commit stuff that breaks it every now and then. I have a working script that can save games as runtime, but I’m waiting on a few things to be exposed to the PyAPI to make it a bit nicer.