Where's the texture/material preview in Cycles?

So I’m trying to figure out Cycles textures and materials (lie: I just wanted to put an image texture on a cylinder I was using as a quick and dirty backdrop to a 15 minute project and have spent 2 and 1/2 hours fighting with Cycles over it). I do not see a preview pane, anywhere. I know there should be one, but mine is disabled.

I’m using this build: http://www.graphicall.org/793 with quite a few plugins. Where should my preview panel be and what commonly hides it?


3D Window, down just right of ‘Object Mode’ drop down box, there is another dropdown box, select ‘rendered’.

So I have to render my entire viewport to preview texture changes now? Is there a way to do a real low resolution high detail render around 175x175 rather than my viewport?

There will be material preview similar to Blender Render, in the new version, Blender 2.66. You can download the release candidate.

No, just create a separate 3D view window in the corner and set it to rendered. (learned that little neat trick from Blender Cookie Citizen tutorial).


Oh, cool! Thanks!

There is a real preview in 2.66 or RC build.
Release is Thursday.

Cheers, mib.

That kind of reminds me of Final Cut layout.