Where's Waldo...and his modifiers

How do I get the Add Modifier widget to show up on my UI.

I see plenty of instructions reference various modifiers added to an object to do various things and when I go to the online manual to find out more about doing this there is something like:

How do I get something handy like that? I wont even bother asking why the default UI doesn’t include something so ubiquitous to modeling that even I, who has just started learning the software, can see that it is vital. Newp, I just would like to know how to get that little tool on mah control board.

I have searched, poured over the online manual, inquired with my desperately under-payed research assistant Google all to no avail. But there it is in pixel form, it has to be possible.


You sholud be able to see Add Modifier selector if you have selected (orange outline) something in 3d view modifiers can be applied to ; Lamps and Camera wont cut.
You’ll then find wrench icon visible; if you click on the icon, selector comes in play.