Whether or not learning how to script in blender ?

Hi, I’m currently planning on actually creating a big game(which development will take some years) and I want to be realistic on what I can archive ,so I wanted to create a game in which is not only visually appealing but also ‘playable’ in terms of framerate (and bugs).

Currently I’m thinking whether should learn how to script in blender(and start to create games with scripts) or completely move to another engine such as unity and learn how to script C# while creating prototypes with logic bricks using the bge.
What do you guys think its the best way ?

Thank you for your time ^^

This is up to you. Whatever works for you is fine.

unity for earning money. blender for fun. i have learned java for android for the last 2 years now and i use bge just for fun because you can make a lot of things with the logic bricks and some lines of python you are able to write or copy when you know other programmers languages like java. but according to the fact that java and unity are much more often used to earn money, your chances to find a job where you can use your knowledge are much higher than whit python and bge. but the day the blenderplayer on android fully works i will revoke this.

When you start to get this:

Seriously, that is a mess that can be avoided by using 1 or 2 scripts…

Blender is the craddle of game developement, it’s easy and fast to prototype in.

Likewise python is the craddle of programming.
You can pick up a new syntax ( second programming language ) in a week,
but you are severely handicapped when you try to learn logic, such as dictionaries, nested for loops, object oriented style, set theory, etc, while learning a complex language as your first one.
I’m currently trying out UE4 c++, and I can say that without any prior programming knowledge the experience would have been abysmal. Even with college c++ it was painful. And on the other hand, all my blender experience was almost one to one applicable.

All in all, you won’t lose time figuring out what a flattened three dimensional array is in python compared to any other language.
Any knowledge gained here can be translated into any other language.
Blender is probably the the best way to quickly prototype.

I think you confuse something. The mess is the result of the design rather than the form.

Different forms support design in different ways.

You might think you get less “mess” when you use Python? This is an illusion. Using Python forces you to write the behavior in a different form. This typically includes a different design. Additionally you are recreating the already established behavior. So you can benefit from the experience you got before and change the design accordingly.

There is absolutely no problem to create mess with Python code either (I see it quite a lot).

And yes, you will hit the limits with logic bricks quite early. But this is an advantage … it forces you to review your design quite early too. Design changes especially on large structures are a lot of work.

this has been the first thing that has come to my mind when i red twisters posting.

And yes, you will hit the limits with logic bricks quite early. But this is an advantage … it forces you to review your design quite early too. Design changes especially on large structures are a lot of work.

this is homemade partialy. i have played around with little big planet carting on the ps3 for a while and the gameengine works similar to bge, but it is a little more like constructing printed circuit boards even though, you dont make anything other then you do in bge. but you can have a virtual electronic board for every purpose instead of one big list like it is in blender. i have tried to simulate this by using different objects for different purposes and parent them to the mainobject,e.g. let the weapon count the ammo, not the maincharacter.

a nodes like concept would also be a great achievement for the logic bricks useability.

@S-Markt yeah true but since BGE is getting modified (or changed completely from blender2.8 onward

@VegetablejuiceF Thanks for your post , since unity has more resources and actual tutorials it might be easier for me to learn it .

@Monster Very useful tip which i will keep in mind when using logic bricks ^^.

@TWisterBE That’s one of the main reasons why I would want to learn python so i can keep the logic bricks as minimal as possible if needed.

Since I saw the future plans for blender BE in 2.8 on wards I guess it would be a bit useless to learn how to script in the bge since (most likely) they will change or update the types of code which bge will use ( correct me if I’m wrong).

Thank you anyways :slight_smile:

I play Guild Wars 2 daily. That is a big game. Could it be done with BGE?

It can be done. But not by me, not by you or anyone else in a one-man show.

Playing games is something different to creating games, or even level editing. If you do have fun in digging through code, worrying about user input, creating models, adjust animations, test stupid game levels a thousand time, crying over uncatchable bugs and so on …

One thing is sure: It will eat time … a lot of time. You need to decide if it is worth, without even knowing if it will result in something.

If you do not delight in that, I recommend … enjoy playing Guild Wars 2. It is ready, it is there and there is nothing wrong in doing that.

Indie game development => the way is the goal.

… when you decide to follow us … you are very welcome.