Which Add-On to use in order to see the python code of different modules?

I have recently returned to Blender and I am really at the loss on where to find this option again. I remember there being an add-on which enabled me to go to a modifier that i have applied to some object, and open the python code for it in the text editor in order to inspect it. I found it a really nice learning setting, but updating to 3.1 i cannot find it anymore.
Can anyone point me to the correct setting for this?

You can’t view the python source for modifiers because they are written in C, and as such, you need to look in the actual blender source code to find how they work.

What I think you’re referring to is the “edit source” button, in the right click context menu when you click on an element in the UI:

However, this will only show you UI code, and not anything else.


OH! Yes that’s the option I was looking for!! Thanks a lot and sorry for the confusion in my text, I am glad you could still understand my issue. Where would I turn this option on? By default this option won’t show for me.

Ah, I forgot, you probably need to go to the preferences and turn on “developer extras” in the interface tab:


Thank you so much! The Developer Extras worked!

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Great, I’m glad it worked!