Which animation players are shipped with Blender 2.5?

Of the players suggested in the preferences drop down, are any shipped with Blender? I’m trying to make instruction for beginners on all platforms and want to know what to tell people.

Blender 2.4x

None of those. What about the option to browse to a custom player. All operating stystems will have at least one movie player on them by default.

I have to assume that my students are complete newbies, using their own machines so there may be a variety of players with people who may not know how to find them.

tell them to load things up in the VSE.
For example, when I render out a sequence of images, I just open them up as a strip in the VSE for a quick preview.

Well, it looks like the best work-around is to have the students download Djv. Straightforward,it works with PC, Mac and Linux and it plays series of images as well as videos.

Oops, I assumed it plays videos. Apparently the only video format it supports is Quicktime.