Which API do you prefer: Opengl or DirectX ?

Please post why do you prefer programming with Opengl or Directx.
What do you consider as their pros and cons…

Blender is 100% OpenGL = cross-platform. Why would I want to even check DirectX != cross-platform?


well stated jesterking!


Well I have only recently started working with OpenGL and I was wondering why are there so many heated debates and hatred against the new specificaion (OpenGL 3) ??

Is it that bad??

I prefer to use OpenGL because I don’t want to rewrite code to get it to run on another OS. DirectX isn’t bad, it is just that I prefer cross-compatibility.

I am not sure why people don’t like OpenGL 3. I haven’t looked into it too much, but from what I understand, the changes were long talked about. They didn’t just get together some night and throw together the next specification. I think it is just the case of a few people on the internet causing a lot of noise. You can’t copy and paste your voice in real life, but it works fairly well for text on the internet.

OpenGL because Blender is made with and it’s cross platform!

  1. Khronos / ARB has proven itself to be even worse than Microsoft
  2. OpenGL 3.0 doesn’t deserve the major version number upgrade
  3. Hundreds_of_extensions_that_drive_you_mad_EXT

OpenGL used to be the best graphics API, but everything used to be better in the old days, right?