Which Better??? Im getting computer I need your judgement!!!

Im getting a new computer and im thinking what processor would be better, for gameing computer and developement… The prices below are in canadian…

ADA3200AXBOX : AMD Athlon64 3200+ PIB (2.2ghz) Socket 754 512K L2 800FSB (retail) @ $240.00


BX80546PG3000E : P4-3.0E ghz 800FSB 1M PreScott 1M L2 OD cache S478 (HT) retail @ $225.00

I heard that the AMD ANTHON64 is better because it does 4 tasks as the INTEL only does 2 Tasks… I also heard from my local computer store that 2.2Ghz 64-bit anthon is faster and more powerful than the Intel 3.0Ghz…

Well tell me which one you think is better!!!

The first one (Athlon64) is a better choice, IMHO.

And it’s true what you say, [email protected] is indeed faster than [email protected] The people at AMD don’t just throw in Ghz and brag about it. They optimize, optimize, optimize!!

The amd64 is better imho, but get the 939 version if possible. I have the 3200+ 939 and it runs exceptionally cool. With the fan running it never gets above 30 C. The 939 uses the new 90 nm technology.

I don’t know anything about your motherboard. I have a Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 with nForce3 chipset. I think the nForce3 chipset is superior. But really you should probably look at running a 64 bit operating system eg linux :wink: if you buy the amd64.