Which Blender Build?

I want to try out, or at least load up & view some of the Blends showcasing the new features in 2.40, but there seems to be many, MANY different builds.
Which one has the features like Soft Body & Fluid dynamics, the 10X faster SB patch, the Live LSCM, the hair/fur/feather maker, the enhanced animation system, etc. Which one do I download 'till the official 2.40 launches?

This one, I’d say:



I looked, and there was lots of warnings about vanishing/dissappearing objects, unknown crashes, and limitations on the range of bones…

Hehe. There are so many builds. I luckly grabbed one that has the fluid, hair-paricle stuff, soft-body, Live LSCM, Last Vert Merge, and a million other features I am yet to learn…lol. I am astounded that the build I am using “knows” where my Python 2.4 is and IT WORKS from a folder on my desktop. I have another folder for just tossing in those builds with just the test exe’s, if I want to switch back, I just toss the other exe back in. Sweeeeet. What 3D application could be more fun to play with than Blender these days? I don’t think there are many, if any.

Which one was that? Sounds like the best one out there until the official one is released. Where’s it located?

I found it at http://www.graphicall.org . The lastest are there, I think.

Thanks. I found this one.
(Patched with: - Merge Tools - Render View - 10x Faster Softbody Collitions

  • AutoKeyAvailable) & it was release date is Dec. 1st. So, it should have everything to date so far, right?