Which Blender Wiki pages drive you crazy???


in order to help editors zero in on problem pages that cause
migraines and rending of clothes, please give us a link to the
offending page, and explain in 250 words or less why it bugs you so much.

I can’t promise it will be fixed within a certain time period, but
at least it will be documented, and we can/will attend to it
asap, which just depends on the free time available to each editor.

It will also feel good to get it off your chest. :yes:

And let me ephasize (again) that anyone is welcome to do the editing
if they join the bf-docboard, and promise (cross your heart…) to
use the Writer’s Guide to keep it consistant as possible.

BTW, f you feel the need to use “colorful language”
please use %$#*&@! etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let the rants begin! :evilgrin: (with echoing laughter)

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The thing that drives me the most crazy is the way that the index collapses when you go to a new page. If I have a tree open I want it to reopen at the same place when I change pages (just use a cookie for that).

If I right-click on almost any UI item and select “Online Manual” it will almost always go to a less than ideal page. Just looking at some at random:

list of visible layers in 3d viewer. goes to “Manual/Interface/Scenes” instead of “Manual/3D_interaction/Navigating/Layers”.

In the properties panel, “render resolution” goes to “Manual/Render” when it should go to “Manual/Render/Output”. “render layers” goes nowhere (gives error) but should go to “Manual/Render/Post_Process/Layers”. “scene layers” goes to “Manual/Interface/Scenes” but should also go to “Manual/Render/Post_Process/Layers”. World background items go to "Manual/World’ instead of “Manual/World/Background”.

I don’t think I’ve every found it go to the best page, usually to some less-specific page.

Yeah, navigation is one of my peeves, too. Thanks for the post.

I may have opened Pandora’s Box by starting this thread, but hope it
will help to highlight specific problems so they get attention.

Normally I would offer to help with those mappings between UI elements and what page comes up when you right-click and select “Online Manual”. But the method used is bizarre.

There is a big list of items “url_manuel_mapping” in rna_wiki_reference.py. the operator name is searched against the list to get a match. It’s a long ugly horrible thing and only results in us going to the general area of where we want, not the specific page. And if we want Blender to find more specific pages then that list could grow to include almost every operator, not a very good design IMHO. Wiki editors wanting to add a new, more specific page, also need then to alter a file in the SVN.

One thought of a way to fix this would be to have a folder of documents on the wiki, one for each possible element name, that each is nothing but a redirect to the final page. So there would be a page for /ui/RenderSettings.display_mode that would just be a wiki redirect to Render/Display#Displaying_Renders. This way the mapping to urls would be under the control of the wiki editors. Make a new, more-specific page and then change the wiki redirect to Render/Display/Display_Mode

Sounds like you know something about web pages.

How about CSS menus? I really don’t know the nuts & bolts of the Wiki, or what is feasible.
But suggest you put that question to the bf-docboard, or I can if you wish.