Which book for my son?

Hi guys. I am no stranger to Blender but have never bought or seen a blender book. My son (11) has just got into Blender in a really big way and I’d like to buy him a blender book for his birthday. Game engine aside, which would you recommend for him as the best book for a good grounding in all areas of Blender?



The Essential Blender (official BF book) or Blender for Dummies. I’m partial to EB, but I’m a little biased.

Great. Is EB for 2.48 or earlier? I’d like it to be as up to date as possible.

It was written around the days of the 2.44 version (at least the book I got was), but everything in it still applies to 2.48. Not sure if there are newer editions :wink:

It’s a fantastic book. Covers everything in blender without going too deep, but gets you started on almost every major aspect of the program.

Sounds like a glowing review. I’ll get that one then.
Thanks for your time.