Which build are you using?

As I am using Blender 2.44 and looking forward impatiently to 2.50 (or 2.46), I was wondering which build you guys use. Are you blenderheads using the official, stable builds like 2.44 & 2.45 (don’t really know what their official name :o) or another (newer?) build from graphicall.org?

ps: I’m not using 2.45 because I had some problems with loading and watching a movie in the video sequence editor, which I haven’t in 2.44. This of course, might also just be caused by a stupid noob-mistake…

use the official or optim for work, and svn for test and learn …

[edit] Dang, you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same, except that I use an sse2/laa-optimized 2.45 I got at GraphicAll for work.

I’m using the newest SVN with Approximate AO.

I use 2.45 mostly, but I do compile a fresh SVN build a few times a day to play with new features, and I often use SVN to render the scenes I have made in 2.45 due to the large amount of awesome rendering features.

Self cooked SVN :slight_smile:

I use Jaco’s Build.
I call it Unofficial Peach Build.
Also Wizards Build. (Monster Build based on Be Braws build)
Also standard 2.45.
All with every texture/sequencer plugin & about 100 extra scripts.(minimum!)

2.45 official for serious, necessary work . . .
LAA (large address aware) build for sculpting hires meshes . . .
Latest SVN builds for preview/testing purposes . . .

OS software raps . . . Blender rocks . . .

I’m using 2.45 and Indigo 0.9.

i use bebraw’s monster build on linux, it has the tweak mode patch! X3

Current trunk SVN and Blender 2.5 SVN.


Current SVN build from http://www.zoo-logique.org.


Normal 2.45 for the most part.
with a bit of SVN for boneheat. :wink:

Official 2.45, sometimes SVN to see what’s new and test it and Yafaray build (rev. 12680)

Using jacos build from graphicall.org

2.45. If I used a SVN I would be forced to download a new one all the time and would have to extensively try out all of the new features. I don’t have that type of time.

2.45 self compiled with Yafaray support…

using 245.12. its fairly stable and has everything i need. i cannot be bothered to upgrade all the time.

I’m no expert… at all…
I dont’ even know what SVN means. what does that mean?

I’m using 2.44 cuz that’s what comes with ubuntu studio:)

but hey, it gets the job done. I’ve done everything i need to with it and haven’t had a crash yet


Definition of SVN.

When someone says they’re using an SVN build, they mean a development version (includes the newest features, bugfixes, etc.).