Which camera setting use in rendering character model, ortho or perspective?

Hello, i wonder about camera setting. I oftenly use perspective viewport in my modeling process (i guess most guys do :)). But when i try to do some render, i use camera viewport which default in perspective mode and i think my model looks quite difference in bad way -_-’ even i set lens angle value to 45.0 instead of default 35.0 as some guy suggest.

my example of orthograpic render


And perspective render


My question is, is it right using perspective camera and leave the model look a bit odd that way, or choosing orthographic view to get better (IMHO) looking?

I think we should use perspective camera, but i hardly accept the result comparing to ortho view because i get used to it along the modeling time -_-’

Definitely model in ORTHO. Make sure that your source is also “ortho”, especially if you are tracing the image. Although a real photograph can’t be true ORTHO, you can get the effect by photographing the subject very far away with a zoom lens, zoomed in.

When you create a human face (and/or body) in ortho mode, you must realize that your camera will need to be adjusted too, for the final finish. Change the Blender camera from the default 35mm to about 50mm. Your rendering will look more natural.

The “Ortho vs. Perspective” is the whole reason why people gain pounds on television.

This picture here…
…was done in ORTHO mode, then the Blender camera was set at 65mm. Anything else made the face look quished and distorted.

thx for your reply Spin :slight_smile: i read some post here and there’s a guy said about natural human eye lens value is 48.25. I’ve tried it but still hmm… For my satisfaction, i currently use 75.0 -_-’

If you are tracing a photo (which has perspective) in ortho mode and then rendering in perspective you are in effect doubling the amount of perspective – which is why your render looks distorted. In your perferences set auto perspective which switches to perspective mode when you leave one of the ortho views automatically. Set your 3d view lens setting to 50mm which is about the same as the human eye and adjust your mesh as you model. It also helps if your reference photos are taken with the longest telephoto lens possible.


That’s exactly what i was thinking lately! Modeling accrording to ref. image is not enough. We have to slightly refine it to look natural (or look good) in proper perpective view too. Ow… it’s too late for my current model, i wish i could go back and take it into account while modeling -_-’

And, this mean that, if we do model (-: human) according to ref. image. The image render from ortho view is more naturally correct than persective render then? (talking about the model alone, not the include prop/evironment that may be ref. from blueprint or something like that…)