Which CMS does elysiun use?

I already posted this in the site forum… but it’s been about three hours and I need to know:

What CMS (content management system) does elYsiun.com use?

also, which forum system is this?


The CMS is custom I think, and the forum is based on phpbb 2.0.3.

i think its all phpbb with some cms-like extension

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the very lack of a CMS is the reason of the suckyness of the news/tutorials/etc. sections.

I keep hearing something about an entire site redesign, I believe there is a thread about it.


We use no CMS at the moment, we have a shadow site running at a secret location that is running xoops. We’re writing conversion scripts and templates at the moment.


Shadow site at secret location. Makes me wonder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Xoops is the best portal i could find, so good choice!

Well, why take a lot of time figuring out which cms you should use? Just buy a book about PHP basics, learn html and css. And viola you’ve got the knowledge to make your own cms.

Currently I work on my blender website, using:

  • css for advanced website layout and design
  • html for basic showing stuff, div’s and p’s
  • php to load txt files with the additional info. (easy to admin)

The link is

.) Check the tutorials page, the real tutorials.php just contains a code to load a text file, reads the lines, and does: some html+a lin from txt+some html and then does the same to the another lines in the txt file

.) contains the text files, the same loading technic is used on the News.php :stuck_out_tongue:

You should really let the page stretch to the browser’s window size, it looks very awkward the way it is. :wink: