Which come first after creating a model, UV mapping or LODs?

Hi, I’m new to these forums and blender, so forgive me if my question is a little vague.

So I’m working on some weapon models for Total War: Attila, and was just wondering what to do after creating a weapon model? Do you generate LODs after texturing/UV mapping or vice-versa? Thanks!:slight_smile:

I think it’s a good question.

For LOD, you want to create a high-poly object with the detail reflected mostly in the mesh, and then you want to create one or more lower-poly versions of that object with the same detail reflected more in the textures than the mesh, so you probably want to make the high-poly version and texture it, and then make the lower-poly versions based on that. I think the pros take ‘snapshots’ of the high-poly version and use that as a texture for the lower-poly versions, but I don’t know the process involved.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: My last question is (more of a double check), do you create LODs in Blender Game Engine, and then texture in Cycles Render?

I would make the high poly and LOD0 model, UV map and bake normals. Then I would make LOD1, UV map it, bake normals, repeat for all lods…

Thanks very much for the info, this is all new for me.