Which CPU is better to render with GPU: i5-9600K or Ryzen Threadripper 1920X?

In the next few months I plan to build a PC for gaming, game programming and rendering. I’m not decided yet but, it can be said I narrowed my choices for i5-9600K or Ryzen Threadripper 1920X. In your experience which one of the two will be better for GPU rendering?

for rendering is always the best choice of a processor with a large number of cores
AMD best choice in this situation

but this threadripper is a rather specific processor and old, if I were you, I would consider something on the am4 socket

Why the first gen threadrippers, the third-generation Ryzen 9’s have similar price points, superior multi-threading performance, and much better IPC (which is important as many tasks are still single-threaded)?

The i5 meanwhile would have slightly superior single-threaded perfomance (to Ryzen 3rd gen) and clear superiority in such compared with the 1920X, but it will be significantly less future-proof as multi-threaded operations become more common.

I do it basically because of the cost. Right now they are priced similar in Amazon. $249.99 vs $255.37. The Ryzen 9’s are more expensive and I don’t think I want to spend the extra couple of $100’s. The Ryzen 7 3800X is more in my price range. What do you think of that one?

The 3800X should be a good choice, and its multi-threading performance shouldn’t be that far off of the 1920X because of the much higher IPC.

AMD has since eliminated many of the initial warts in the platform’s microcode, so it should be a pretty decent chip. You can also purchase it with a last-gen X450 board if you want less power consumption and heat (but you won’t have access to PCI-e 4 parts).

If the 3700X is way cheaper where you live that would also be a consideration since it is essentially the 3800x with just slightly lower clockspeed.

The 3700X is priced only $20 less than the 3800X but, the 2700X is priced $160 less which seems very attractive for me. What do you think?

Initial rumors suggest the Ryzen 4xxx series will have up to 15 percent higher IPC than the Ryzen 3xxx chips. The 2700X will look out of date in just months after you buy it, not good for a future-proof rig.

I have the 2700X myself, but the machine I have was bought nearly 2 years ago.

3700x or 3800x best choice, 2700x much weeker

I’m almost convinced to get the 3800X. Is the ASUS X470-Pro Prime a good choice for a motherboard?

yes good choice, but I would rather take something from the x570 chipset where a much better processor power supply + support for psi 4.0 (all this features will be needable in a future). In general x470 is a normal solution for amd 3800x

I’ll chip in on the “old” threadripper 1920x. the only advantage that desktop Ryzen/Intel chips lack is the large volume of PCIe lanes.

So if you want a “render farm” with multip GPU’s then a cheap threadripper 1900/1920x along with a 5 PCIe slot board is good.

But at this point (even though I own the TR 1950x platform) i highly recommend third gen Ryzen CPu’s even desktop.

Even if you want to render with GPU ONLY, there are many CPU only tasks that would greatly improve your work.

I think nothing is future-proof, not even the high-end. I run an i7-4790k, which was pretty high-end when I bought it nearly 6 years ago. However, despite not ageing perfectly, is still a very competent machine, and one I am very happy with.

As I stated, nothing is future-proof, but if you keep your expectations in check, you can still be very happy, even with older hardware. But that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

sometimes the hardware fails. Expecting the machine to last for 10 years is unwise. It’s unpredictable.

I plan to install up to three GPU’s per rig. I had 4 GPU’s a few years ago (4790K, Z87 WS, 4 GTX 1070’s) and noticed that the 4th GPU don’t bring much of an improvement in render time so I think is better to build another rig with the 4th GPU and render another scene at the same time. That way the 4th GPU will be put to better use. Maybe even add a 5th and 6th GPU’s for 2 rigs, 3 GPU’s each.

What do you guys think about the 3600X?