Which CPU to use for Blender, Cycles, Eevee: Intel Core or AMD Ryzen?

I want to build computer for Blender.

This will be desktop computer. It will be running Windows 10 Home 64-bit.

In Blender I will do 3D modeling. Rendering I will do in Cycles and Eevee.

Which CPU to use: Intel Core or AMD Ryzen?

At this point, we are few weeks away from official review of the latest AMD Zen3 based Ryzen 5000 CPU’s …

If their singular core performance is indeed what was advertised, then AMD all the way… no question from any perspective.

There are some functions in blender that require good single core performance, and this is where AMD was still lagging slightly with their current Ryzen 3000 series.

Still for multi core, AMD is pure win, Intel has nothing to offer for equal price.


@Grzesiek, thank you. I took into attention.

the new AMD zen 3 is the one you want to get. Fastest Single Core performance (modeling performance) available even on the cheaper CPU’s. Just make sure you have a motherboard that supports these chips. If not you have to upgrade :wink:

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Have a look at this: https://youtu.be/118IpMkhduo

For rendering it might be interesting to invest in a beefy GPU. Save some on the CPU, invest it in the GPU. And now AMD has revealed it’s cards, rendering got a whole lot more interesting :wink:

blender stuff at the 13:20 sec. mark.

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@PolyGreen, @RobWu, thank you. I took into consideration.

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for rendering purposes yes. For modeling purposes you want to look at a beefy CPU like the new Ryzen 5xxx series. Personally I bought the 5600X which is a beast in single core performance but only has 6 cores. If you are a pro and require very fast render speed you might be more served with the 5900X which has 12 cores but similar single core performance (slightly faster).

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yes, for non-rendering things you might want a high performing CPU as well. I’m eyeballing the 16 core atm for a new set. But I’m going to wait until the AMD cards are out, and some basic tests are available. Not in a hurry :wink:

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@PolyGreen, @RobWu, thank you. I took into attention.

@RobWu, what is 16 core atm? Please give link to read.

atm = at the moment :wink:
The 16 core is the Ryzen 5950X CPU.

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cant go wrong with any of the new Ryzen AM3. All of them perform great.

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@RobWu, @PolyGreen, thank you. I took into consideration.

after having bought and tested the Ryzen 5600X I can safely say it is 100% worth the investment.
Modeling speeds/ctrl-z have increased by atleast 2x fold. Sure, Blender still have quite allot of optimisation needed but its nice to know that a CPU upgrade has a noticable effect.

*FYI I upgraded from a 2600X.

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