Which CPU would you choose

Hi everyone, I guess this belongs in the “off topic chat” (I think there should be a hardware section :D)

So I know this could be a bit bias but of these CPU’s which would you all suggest
I’m planning for a new build, Mid-Higher range. Mainly for Blender :), Unity, video editing.
Also, I’m trying to stay around the $200 range for the CPU.

  1. AMD 8 Core

  2. Intel I5 Quad

  3. This, only if it’s significantly better. Intel I7 Quad

Also, I already know that an I7 is epic but would I be better choosing a quad over AMD’s 8 cores? My current build is a AMD Phenom Quad, which I love and it performs well within its class. I don’t plan on overclocking anytime soon. And I don’t wanna upgrade or replace these parts anytime soon - something that can compete for several years.

ok? well I guess ill probably just save up and go with the I7… I’m still researching tho


My desktop PC is a 64bit and I have an i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00 GHz 3.2GHz. I have a NVidia GT630 video card as well as 32GB memory and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I have installed Blender 2.72. I have been doing some of the beginners tutorial videos from YouTube. I have found that when I run the render all four cores run at 100% yet my memory usage is only at around 3 to 5%. I am not sure why. With a render sample value of 2000 and RGBA set to 8 the render time is around 20 to 30 minutes. I tried setting the RGBA value to 16 and the render time increased slightly. I tried 4000 samples which increased the render time quite dramaticaly, it took around an hour. I have a laptop with an i7 CPU but I have not installed blender on it yet. It is on my to do list. I have also installed Blender in my three Linux distros. They all have version 2.64. I have not used them yet.

The Unity you refer to is that the Linux Unity Desktop?