Which distro Linux can be good for Blendering on OSX mbp?

Hi perls!
I want to try to install a second system on my old MacBook, 2011, of the programs I have enough Blender Substance and what version of Linux today is most suitable for installation on osx :rolleyes:?
Spec: 2.0Hz 8Gb Ram, 500Gb ssd, intel / amd videocard.
Your opinion guys?
P.S. 5 years before, i used for while Ubuntu, so i know some terminal command:D

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Whoever voted “Fedora” - could that person maybe help me with https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?406596-Blender-doesn-t-see-NVIDIA-GTX-980-Ti-on-Fedora-24-only-offers-Compute-Device-CPU ?

I’d highly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Allthough not an OSX. Just an AMD, I very recently switched to Linux after my Win 8-10 demo’s expired. I have tried to switch umpteen times in the past, and always encountered problems which forced me to switch back to windows. This time, no problems. Couldent believe how easy it was to get on.
Currently using Unbuntu Studio, which also comes bundled with all the other graphic apps I use. You can try it live first as well.
Never going back to windows.

I.e. you have a solid PC with windows installed and then you transferred to Linux)) I’m interested in those who are trying to install on MacBook one of the Linux distributions, however thanks.

I’m testing elementaryOS, and if you like OSX then it might be a way to go. It’s very similar. It’s Ubuntu based if you were wondering. It’s made for Mac people I believe.

Yeah, i’ve heard about it, probably with it and start my entry into the world of Linux.You also installed on mac hardware?

try http://www.elivecd.org/ its is awesome