Which do you like better?

Elephant’s dream or big buck bunny?

I personally think elephant’s dream was much better, I loved the atmosphere and mechanical universe. On the other hand, it made almost no sense.

Big Buck Bunny.

The story in Elephant’s Dream tried so hard to come of as “philosophically sophisticated”, to the point where it was overdone. About half way into the animation, the entire concept starts to feel ridiculous, because all you can think about is the writer, and how hard he’s trying to make this look like “higher art”.

Heh, by the way, who wrote the story for Elephant’s Dream?

I couldn’t get through the first few minutes of Elephants Dream. It moved wa too slow and seemef to go nowhere. Beyond the visual beauty it didn’t offer much. Big Buck Bunny on the other hand, was had a moral, a story line, visual cuteness and it made me laugh like a little kid.

1+ for BBB.