Which Drawing Tablet is Good to Use for Blender and Drawing in General?

Hi. I’m looking for a drawing tablet which I can use for digital drawing and sculpting.

I live in Denmark, and I would like it if there’s any tablets out there that can be used for those two things I want to do.

Budget is 268,52 euro (about 2000 DKK).

Why I’ll be using it: Basically, I want to see if I can draw better with a tablet than a mouse. I want to see the improvements in my skills by using a tablet for digital images, and digital sculpts inside Blender.

It needs to have a screen, so I can do any images directly on the tablet instead on the computer.

I have a drawing tablet, but it is with a black surface and no screen, which can be hard to see what I am attempting to draw on the computer.

Thanks to anyone who reads this.

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I’d recommend practising more with your existing tablet. Usually the disconnect between drawing on a non-screen tablet and seeing the results on your computer monitor goes away with very little practice. Some people even prefer it as neither your hand or your pen will ever cover what you are drawing.

Drawing on a Cintiq style graphics tablet with built-in screen won’t produce any better results than drawing on a tablet without a screen, or drawing on a bit of paper with a pen or pencil. The size of your existing tablet might influence things. Usually bigger is better.

If you are determined to purchase a graphics tablet with screen then take a look at Huion’s products. The days when Wacom products were the only viable option is long gone. Save yourself some money and look at their cheaper competitors.

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I’m not determined, just been wondering if there were good ones I could look at to see if I want to buy it. It isn’t a priority, as I can practice with my current tablet, as you said.

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I can’t recommend a specific model because I haven’t bought one recently, though these models XPPen and Huion are on fire if you look at Youtube. And this is only due to Wacoms are being very expensive in many cases.

However based on my personal experience, having a tablet is unavoidable, simply using the mouse for graphics tasks (except for editing or moving things around) is much more conventient. Even if you don’t draw still you can find it a lot more relaxing than the mouse, and prevent RSI.

I’m a long time user of drawing tablets. There’s definitely a big improvement in ease of use when you go to a tablet display like a cintiq instead of one without a screen. I use a cintiq now.

I don’t know of a good tablet display in the price range you’re thinking of though.

If it needs to have a screen there are some by X-Pen ( Artist 12) and Huion (Kamvas Pro 13). Just check out some reviews on Youtube and see if they fit your demands.

I’d get X-pen or Huion. I’ve been working with wacom one at home for the longest time and tested out Intuos Pro M at work and I really don’t see the reason to invest into wacom. I’m using HS610 now but I can imagine that Kamvas 16 would be great as well. Don’t get me wrong - wacom stuff is great and of high quality but the prices are overblown because of their long-time market dominance.


I’ve used the wacom stylus and tablet for drawing and sculpting 3D models in blender.
Wacom has a wacom cintiq 16 tablet where you can draw directly on the screen, which I think would be really useful in the carving process, especially for beginners with no drawing experience, it would provide more control.