which engine renders faster?

hi, i’m planning to try out doing an cartoon sequence(i think “anime” style would look the best)
, and i’m just wondering, which engine should i use to try it out? (as a person who’ve never used BI, i started blender on the first iteration of cycles)

and which one is faster.

found this, and might use this as reference to style

idk why, but alot of links i putted in that i found didnt work…

i’ve only ever pursued photo realism, so it might be a good chance


In Cycles you can do a special setting on the renderer and have similar speeds and results to the Internal.

There might be some deeper settings to explore but the most basic configuration to start is this.

The only difference if you use Cycles is that you will have much power and control over the materials also not to mention that you will have GPU acceleration on your renderings.

Cycles though actually doesn’t allow the full range of NPR rendering with maximum control like BI does (it can do several styles with its toon shader nodes but you can’t drive shader values with a shader).

You can use both engines with Freestyle though, which alone opens up quite a few other options.

You can find some amazing renders and helpfull people at the Blender NPR


simply try out the 2 engines on a test scene and see which you’re most happy with. i’ve done a lot of NPR renders and i personally prefer BI for a lot of reasons. one of the biggest reasons is speed and noiselessness. i do not have the patience to spend a whole night (or even more than a few minutes) on a single noisy render.

one thing to remember though, is that BI sucks at hair rendering.

I’ll let you choose
As a blender user that both cycles and blender internal
Blender Internal
7 seconds with a 6 core processor and 16 gb of ram

14 seconds with a powerful gpu