Which European Country is best working as a Character Animator


After watching "The little Prince" I have shifted my focus on European films from Hollywood. I would like to know which Country in Europe is the best to work as an 3D character Animator, and of course why ?


The UK
Why: Because it is always raining so you spend more time indoors working, and we drink a lot of tea.


Talent is not based on religion, race, population or location.

Op is not asking about talent, he/she is asking about working conditions and opportunity.

Which IS dependent on location and population.

Well, sort of. It’s electronic so you wouldn’t necessarily need to be in the specific country, especially with EU rules at play. Speaking of which, the UK could be problematic in that regard in the near future. But you can’t argue with the tea. :smiley:

Exactly. You got my point. Please let me know about it. and yes … without Britain.

Most of the work still seems to be happening in the UK, specifically London. I’m not sure about work life balance and general conditions though. The UK does not have the best of reputations with work life balance generally.

Disclaimer. I’m not just saying that because I live here. But the industry here totally international and also very much EU based. We have people here from all over Europe.

Germany too seems to have a lot going on right now. Perhaps more could enlighten.

As for Britain’s little er … recent complication. It’s starting to feel less and less likely to me it could ever really happen.

Love you all, rest of Europe.

All the best !

I guess I did not fully understand his question…I would say though I have seen a lot of latin talent, but again I think just about every country has talented animators and ever growing business…I think the real question is what languages are you comfortable speaking, do you support a family…how do you pan on getting around? Do you need another drivers license? etc.

That is such a strange question. You’re a bit overconfident. You don’t choose where to work unless you get 14 offers from 14 European countries.

>> Which European Country is best working as a Character Animator

So, being a little more serious in my reply. If I was to consider working (and living) in another country I would evaluate the following compared to my current situation:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Languages used
  3. Health & Insurance perks
  4. The weather (selfless reasons)
  5. The people, are they multicultural and happy with foreigners etc
  6. Industry rank
  7. How many universities are there that offer 3D / VFX courses as that gives a good idea of “demand” from businesses.
  8. International relations with other high tech countries.
  9. Studio density by region
  10. Freelance/Employment rates for your field of expertise.
  11. Relocation challenges.
  12. Future political change, be aware of now and upcoming immigration and working rights.

Obvious things really, you would need to weigh them all up against each other.

What D3pixel says is accurate, and also also you have to put these things in the order of your priority, are you willing to move to a city with less wage in order to work on a cg film or vfx?, are you willing to live with a shittier weather to be in a company where they pay you more?, and so on…

In my case I live and work in London for about 5 months now, and its good it could be better and it could be worse in many ways, but so far Im happy and hoping to stay maybe a year or two depending on what projects come in. At this moment to me the place that appeals to me the most to work in Europe is Paris because there are more 3d animated features currently happening there (illumination, mikros and fortiche are the biggest houses)

London is serious on the vfx movies and advertising, you got Ilm, framestore, mpc, double negative which are 4 of the top ones.

you need to get that list going, and then make an order of what is best or what do you want and then you can start thinking about cities or places to work.
I wish I could go work Vancouver at Sony and Animal Logic for a while, and then in the end get over to pixar, my dream, but that’s gonna take time and more skills.

Start at 36 ecconds (it starts in dutch which you might not understand).