Which external renderer has best motion blur?

Hi there, I need a little bit of help with picking out a renderer.:yes:

Actually, it’s not really me; it’s for a friend of mine. He is currently working on an animation and he really needs a renderer that can give his animation good motion blur. Unfortunately, neither of us know very much about external renderers, at least not enough to get us what we want. I’m kinda looking at renderers too, but I can’t get one anytime soon because if I rendered something significant enough that i’d need an external renderer for it, my computer would crash anyway. :no:

So which one is the best for motion blur, and for animations in general? I’ve heard some things about LuxRender, but maybe one of the Reyes-based renderers has something…I really don’t know, can you lend us a hand? :slight_smile:

LuxRender is mainly for stills. while it can do animation, I have yet to produce an “Artifact Free” animation using it. There is always some problem with the final or I am faced with unrealisticaly long render times.

I have tried out Yafaray, but I have not dug into it’s motion blur or camera options. The problem I have with Yafaray is that is does not seem to be able to render an alpha mask correctly. The workflow is voodoo and I have not been able to figure out from forum posts.

Blender’s Internal render has fairly limited blurring capabilities. I am always wanting to turn it up more, but hit this built in limit of 2.0 for some reason.

After Effects is still the king of motion blur.

I’ll say it again…

Make it work like After Effects