which feature came first on blender game engine? normal mapping or bump mapping?

title says all.

P.S I was just curious…

i believe bump mapping is not possible in BGE yet.
Bump-mapping is the same as normal-mapping, but it has to calculate normals from the height factor, so it takes longer to process thus making it slower.

I don’t think the game engine has ever had bump mapping. Sometimes people mistakenly call normal mapping bump mapping, but since normal maps have the same effect as bump maps except they take less processor time (since the engine has to get the normals from a bump map, whereas with a normal map they’re already calculated)- the BGE, and video games in general, went straight to normal maps.

[edit] ach, martinish beat me to it.

It is possible to ‘fake’ using bump maps in the game engine, it just requires a node setup, like this one:

The only advantage would be being able to ‘handpaint’ the map, but that’s less of an issue now that you can sculpt a normal map ‘by hand’

You could also handpaint a bump map, and then convert it to a normal map- photoshop and the gimp both can do this with plugins, and so can Blender if you bake the normals on a plane with the bump map applied.

To summarize: Normal-mapping was first, because there is no bump-mapping in Blender, nor any real need for it.

I see… I guess all those youtube videos that mentioned they’re using bump mapping was actually a normal map thanks for clearing that out.