which flavor of linux?

after an unsucessfull installation of win98 se, i have decided to give linux a try for the first time.

i will be installing it on a laptop with the following specs:
-266 mhz amd k6
-32mb ram
-4gig hd
-128-bit 3D accelerated graphics
-800x600 resolution screen

so i need a distro that can run on these somewhat limited specs, and has a GUI (desktop ect.), and is also somewhat noob-friendly :confused:

Xubuntu does well. I got it installed on a 200Mhz, 64MB RAM, shared memory on-board video card, 4GB harddrive.

The only chnage I had to make to make it run faster was change the bit dpeth to 16, instead of the standard 24-bit depth.

I had a laptop with similar specs, and the distro I ended up liking the best was Damn Small Linux.

Working with computers that old really isn’t the best way to learn Linux. I’d say start with something friendlier (like a Gnome or KDE based distro) and then work your way up to a lighter distro.

Wow, that laptop is worse than mine. Get a new one and put Ubuntu or Kubuntu on it.

I second Xubuntu, especially since this is your first time with Linux. However, you’ll want a fast Internet connection because Xubuntu is pretty stripped down and you’ll probably want to add a few things (like Blender).

I third Xubuntu.

I have it running on my old, old desktop PC running a celeron (around 300Mhz), 128RAM and 5 gigs of storage.

Damn Small Linux would be my second choice, only because Xubuntu (Like all other Ubuntu incarnations) is famous for it’s wide hardware support from the get go, and is generally more user friendly.

try zenwalk?

I was gonna recommend Zenwalk, but I haven’t tried it myself. I like that it’s Slackware-based, though.

I’d recommend Slackware, but I wouldn’t recommend it as noob-friendly. It’s more tech-monkey friendly. :slight_smile:

zenwalk needs 128mb ram :confused: . im trying xubuntu now, im having troubles writing the iso to a disc succesfully. it should work this time though.