Which format movies

Hi all.
1.After taking a glance at “Orange.blender.org”,on the video capture motion, this interest me a lot instead of looking in a mirror.So I decided to try to import a movie (.avi,.mov,.wmv) in the sequence panel but an error said that ’ The selected file is not a movies '.Does anyone knows what am I doing wrong,I used blender 20051206_ora or the most recent I presume.

2.Is it possible to see the movies in the 3d view textured on a plane ?

3.Concerning the post at Orange (9 dec),Can we satisfy with the way they do motion character animation,and do realistic character movement or did we need program like Endorphin or else…and how did they proceed.Is it like importing the movies on the sequence editor and then match manually the character armature in the 3d view to the one that has been capture or else ? Thanks

they need to be avi files, and if you’re in windows you need to have the codec installed to decode them

[if you’re not in windows they need to use a raw codec or something blender natively understands]


I highly doubt the orange team is using rotoscoping, they’re animating stuff by hand [increment frames, alter pose, insert keyframe, repeat]… it’s not technically difficult but does take a long time for good results.