Which Game Console? price vs. fun factor

I am thinking about getting a game console, but I really haven’t used them much before, only played PC games. I don’t want to pay a fortune, but I want something fun with more than a thimble-full of memory. Any suggestions?

nintendo DS! fun, cheap and portable!

And also has an huge VARIETY of games.

pc- it has the bes controller, the most options, and the best games (crysis, anyone?)

but seriously, even though I’m more of a sony fan, the ps3 just costs TOO MUCH MONEY!
so I’d suggest the XB360. get the one with the smallest HD- unless you want to keep more than 20 game demos on it at once, you’ll never even be thinking about the space (I honestly can’t see how you’d use more than 5 gigs at a time, never mind 20)

Ugh. The X-BOX 360 is terrible, especially if you want a fun game. Go for the Wii. Very original game play.

pc- it has the bes controller, the most options, and the best games (crysis, anyone?)

a pc running winblows(the worst os in existence) has the most games, but 99% of them are total garbage (damn shootrs!, clones/ remakes of old games) boring!. they have the worst controller possible, keyboard and mouse. can use different controllers, but that’s something else you need to buy. the ds is currently the best, because of the homebrew options. witch is were all the good/original games actuary come from

I think I might go for an older model of game console like the PS2 maybe, the new models seem a bit pricey.

ps3 expensive but well worth it considering that the graphixs are as good now as the 360. even though the ps3 is berly useing 50% of its power to do so. but if for a cheap console id go for the wii lots of fun very cheap.
or you could just use a good pc as youll get the best grafix if you spend the money.
final conclution ps3 all the way baby :smiley:

www.mediamolecule.com This is the ONE reason you need to buy a PS3. Watch the demo Video!

really don’t buy an X-box useless you are an FPS/sports-games aficionado… i prefer an plain and old PS1 oven an X-box 360!

Crysis alone should make people want to play on PC’s, especially as the console versions are waaay off, and probably wont look as good either.

I think I will go play all the demo games on the various consoles and pester the sales personel with loads of annoying questions, it’s the only way. But first a giant bowl of chilli will serve to ward off any competition for the demonstration consoles.
well, I want something seperate from my PC, so that, for instance, while blender is rendering, I can bide my time with a game.

Buy some dice and a board game. Or get an air hockey table.

An airhockey table… nice thought. A girlfriend would be a better, but i suppose a PS3 would be less expensive than that.

XBox 360 or PSP. The PSP is just like owning a PS2 but one that fits in your hand. There aren’t that many good games though so if you have a lot of gaming hours to fill, go for the 360. I don’t have that much time for gaming so the PSP is fine and easy to just pick up and play. It’s also kinda cool to have around if there’s a power cut.

I think the PS3 is the most powerful (more cells I think.) They all use the same basic hardware (IBM Cell) just slight differences in price and controllers. Girlfriend (wife in my case) is best option though.

I spent a long time thinking about which to get. If anything that I have never doubted buying was my psp. Just do it don’t think you’ll thank me for it. Psp is tad bit more expensive but for all it features you just can’t deny it. It’s true psp has shitty games but I use to browse internet, rss feeds, images, videos. Psp has frigen awesome graphics and you be able to download demos. The two best games I got for psp was Me and My Katamari. Ignore cover the game is awesome and also for psp get Socom US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2 get a headset. Get on infrastrucutre nad have fun playing other peeps accross the world. If not get the demo for free. Psp has plenty of possibilites and sooner or later someone is going to make a gps game for it. If only they could mod halo trial on it. Damn that would be fun. Ok for bigger consoles choose the wii if you have friends. Xbox 360 if you a hardcore gamer and have no friends. Choose a Ps3 if your rich and snooty have no life and are willing to pay hundreds of dollar on expensive games and repair. Oh did I mention the psp comes with portable tv? May only be available in japan but i’m sure if you go on ebay you can find nice deal. Trust me just do the psp you will thank me.

Homebrew on the PSP is nice. Expands it’s game library quite a bit. Also you’ll be able to load PS1 games on it without a PS3 if you have homebrew. It’d be about $250 usd with a 4 GB flash card (sold seperatly) $169 without.

The DS has some nice games on it too. A DS Lite will run you around $130.

Those are probably your cheapest options unless you want to play the last gen consoles which have quite a few good games out there.

the wii is fun- but its a noveltiy item, it dose not have many games and after a while the “hey! if i move my wrist a little the character in the game swings his sword!” factor gets kinda old. not many games to choose from.

the ps3 is powerful- very powerful system, however its pricey. but at least you dont have to keep paying for it over and over. still not many games, but more games are expected to come out.

xbox 360 is well rounded- its owned by microsoft so plan to have your money slowly siphoned out of your wallet. but it has more choices of games and has acceptable graphics power, however it may not be able to habdle some of the things a PS3 can do.

i would make a choice off of these

I wouldn’t shoot the wii in the leg yet there are some very good games coming out for it. Supposedly I have read on a few forums that kh3 might come out for it (ppf as if). Other than that there is Super Smash Bros. Brawl which is the best 3d scrolling game out there and there is Lego Star Wars 3. So the wii isn’t exactly virtual reality big whoop it’s the closest thing to it and keeps you entertained. For example the wrestling on Call of Duty 3 is actually really fun. Plus there coming out with an online multiplayer game on the wii called Medal of Honor Heroes. Anyway so don’t shoot the wii. Oh and you know what Modron take our advice but don’t swear on it. Just play the demos get what you like best just think. The worst thing to do is get that new thing buzz. That is when all you can think about is the experience of playing the game and the recognition you get. That all goes away after a while so just get whats smart.


Wii has
a) new concepts and ideas.
b) coolness
c) Metroid, Mario, Zelda, SSB. Nuff said, honestly.

I personally don’t care about extreme graphics, effects or sound, as long as I can have good gameplay and nice games.