Which GPU brand has WORST drivers for Blender?

Old timer here, learning new tricks. About to invest in a new GPU, the gtx1080 fits the bill but there are so many to pick from. I’ve had pure hell lately with other cards, motherboards, Win10 updates the whole bit. Here’s what I have:

i7 4790 3.6g ASUS desktop
12gb ram
Current GPU: 2gb r7 240

I’m going thru the Udemy training courses — totally new to B. The 240 card crashes constantly, no matter if I’m modeling or CPU rendering. Tried it with the onboard HD4000 and it does work, but the UI drags like a sack of wet rags.

Everybody asks which one they should get. I want to know which ones are best to avoid. Who’s drivers wont behave, etc. Last time I upgraded a video card was a late 90s Diamond FireGL…so yeah.

Holy moly… Diamond FireGL. Now that’s a trip going back into memory lane. Like the Elsa graphic card series. Old timer here too… :wink:

It depends on who you ask, but both NVidia and AMD cards can have bad batches of drivers. I have run only NVidia cards for all my 3D work, so I can tell you it’s not that bad overall. There was the bad update once in a while, but mostly quickly fixed.
I can only assume it’s more ort less the same on the AMD side.

Regarding cpu or cards, a i7 4790 and a 2Gb r7 240 might be a tad on the old side. Now with the new GPU’s coming out, you might be able to snag on of the more recent cards as a 2nd hand for a fair price. And a 1080 will do fine if you don’t push it too hard.

Lastly, crashes can have multiple causes.
Maybe a drivercheck for -all- components (mobo, cards, nic etc…) in the PC might be a first step to see if that helps? There’s driver checker apps that will do just that, e.g. ‘Driver Booster’ or ‘Driver Talent’.
These apps will find drivers for hardware, even when your PC manufacturer ended driver support a long time ago. A lot of this is surprisingly generic.

Hope it helps, and enjoy blender! :slight_smile:

What PSU do you have? You need a decent one from a reputable brand to get GPU rendering going.
Tbh a 4790 CPU should render faster and a lot more reliable than a 240 anyway.

I personally would go for an RTX card if you can manage it. Optix is 30% faster than CUDA on my 2060.

For what it’s worth, while Intel GPUs tend to be generally OK… I’d say the majority of driver-related problems that I’ve had have all been with Intel devices. Generally, you’ll be able to run Blender, but hiccups, freezes, and crashes tend to happen when you start doing anything interesting. I’ve noticed this more since the 2.8+ series started.