Which graphic solution do you like the most? Vote.

Hi Blender colleagues,
I work on 3D comics for smartphones and I want to know which graphical text display solution do you like the most? Vote for A, B, C or D. Thanks.

Plus. You can try to view the pictures on your smartphone and tell me your opinion about the font size. Big thanks :slight_smile:

I vote for C

where are the shadows?

I vote D.

To me, font size doesn’t matter too much, as zooming in on the page can be done easily.

I turned off shadows. Here is actual version :confused:

I like A, I think the thin double outline on the bubble looks terrible.

To be honest I don’t like neither of them and there’s not much difference between them. I would suggest to explore more ideas with wider variety between them, don’t be afraid of trying something totally crazy.

D. The outline isn’t too bold to work with whatever scene its put in, and the straighter edges just look more polished to me.