Which graphics card do you use with Blender?

(MadMark) #1

I’m thinking of changing my ageing Viper550 to something new. What do you guys recommend or use? Is GeForce4Ti the way to go?


(blengine) #2

i use nvidia tnt2… its good if you medium speed :wink:
i heard gforce 4 is a must buy =)
my friend matt has it, and it speeds…

(DaniHell) #3

I also use nvidia tnt2, but i’m thinking in changing it. any ideas anyone?

(wavk) #4

Go for the Geforces, they work great with Blender, although you might witness some driver problems. Sometimes the newest nVidia drivers are no good for Blender.


(totmacher) #5

g3 ti 200 overclocked 210 chip 500 ram.
runs quite suitable :wink:

(rwv01) #6

I have a Geforce 2 card that seems to work well enough, though I did have some driver conflicts at first.

(IamInnocent) #7

ATI 8500
no problem till now (5 months)

(TurboG) #8

I use an overclocked GForce4…Probly overclocked a bit too much but I got like 6 fans in my comp…hehe :smiley: It works fine with blender but thena gain, I never update me drivers…Soo…It works good with old drivers…new ones too probably…

(ectizen) #9

A GeForce 2 MX (on a Hercules Prophet 3D II MX card) handles most of my blender stuff at home.
At work, where I blender less, I have a GeForce 3 Ti 200 (on an ASUS v8200 Deluxe, or seomthing like that).

Both are using nVidia’s Linux drivers, and both work very nicely for me :smiley:

(gargola) #10

nvidia tnt2 here!

(Dittohead) #11

Visiontek Xtasy 5864!!! :smiley: Features include:
Controller: Nvidia GeForce2 Ti
Bus Type: AGP
RAM: 64mb
Core Clock: 175 Mhz
Memory Clock: 400 Mhz DDR
RAMDAC: 350 Mhz
APi support: Direct-X, OpenGL for windows.
Connectors: VGA, S-video out
2 Billion textel/second fill rate
31 Million triangles/second setup
6.4 GB/second memory bandwidth
Maximum resolution: 2048x1536 @ 60 hz

Works great with blender. and it’s under 150 bucks which makes it a great buy.

Besides the tnt2 is too old.

(K-Rich) #12

Before: ATI All-In-Wonder 128
After: VisionTek Xtacy Everything

Doeas all the same stuff (plus!) and ALOT better on 3D!


(PS: I got it for free from a friend!)

(rixtr66) #13

i use a nvidia tnt2 m64,its pci,although i have a fast machine,i have no agp slot,booooo!does anyone know of a faster pci card than the one i have?


(MaceG) #14

I gots me a Nvidia GeoForce2 MX400.
Which is one-whole-helluva-lot better than my SiS 530.

(stephen2002) #15

I use a GeForce 2GO in my laptop. Did not have much choise at the time. It was either ATI crap or the GeForce 2GO.

I would say 1 thing, stay away from ATI. I am kinda biast against them, the only ATI graphics card that I had was a pice of trash. overall, they are a lot like the mac in the mac/pc war. They say that they can beat the PC, but they always trail a little bit behind. The VoDoo stuff dosn’t support true OpenGL.

If you are seriouse about graphics, go for a Quadro based card.

(digitalSlav) #16

using a geforce 2 - never had a problem and new nvidia drivers have always work and have usually given a 50% increase in power!

look for the GAINWARD g4 ti4600 though - it’s freakin insane!

(basse) #17

I used G400, but couldn’t run it properly at 1280x1024 resolution… blender had some issues with UV mapping and other… well, actually, it was more openGL and matrox drivers :wink: and I just couldn’t settle for 1024x768 resolution… so, currently, I have a left-over from my friend, nvidia geforce2 32mb DDR… nice card, no glitches here (linux redhat).