Which graphics card do you use with Blender?

I’m thinking of changing my ageing Viper550 to something new. What do you guys recommend or use? Is GeForce4Ti the way to go?


i use nvidia tnt2… its good if you medium speed :wink:
i heard gforce 4 is a must buy =)
my friend matt has it, and it speeds…

I also use nvidia tnt2, but i’m thinking in changing it. any ideas anyone?

Go for the Geforces, they work great with Blender, although you might witness some driver problems. Sometimes the newest nVidia drivers are no good for Blender.


g3 ti 200 overclocked 210 chip 500 ram.
runs quite suitable :wink:

I have a Geforce 2 card that seems to work well enough, though I did have some driver conflicts at first.

ATI 8500
no problem till now (5 months)

I use an overclocked GForce4…Probly overclocked a bit too much but I got like 6 fans in my comp…hehe :smiley: It works fine with blender but thena gain, I never update me drivers…Soo…It works good with old drivers…new ones too probably…

A GeForce 2 MX (on a Hercules Prophet 3D II MX card) handles most of my blender stuff at home.
At work, where I blender less, I have a GeForce 3 Ti 200 (on an ASUS v8200 Deluxe, or seomthing like that).

Both are using nVidia’s Linux drivers, and both work very nicely for me :smiley:

nvidia tnt2 here!

Visiontek Xtasy 5864!!! :smiley: Features include:
Controller: Nvidia GeForce2 Ti
Bus Type: AGP
RAM: 64mb
Core Clock: 175 Mhz
Memory Clock: 400 Mhz DDR
RAMDAC: 350 Mhz
APi support: Direct-X, OpenGL for windows.
Connectors: VGA, S-video out
2 Billion textel/second fill rate
31 Million triangles/second setup
6.4 GB/second memory bandwidth
Maximum resolution: 2048x1536 @ 60 hz

Works great with blender. and it’s under 150 bucks which makes it a great buy.

Besides the tnt2 is too old.

Before: ATI All-In-Wonder 128
After: VisionTek Xtacy Everything

Doeas all the same stuff (plus!) and ALOT better on 3D!


(PS: I got it for free from a friend!)

i use a nvidia tnt2 m64,its pci,although i have a fast machine,i have no agp slot,booooo!does anyone know of a faster pci card than the one i have?


I gots me a Nvidia GeoForce2 MX400.
Which is one-whole-helluva-lot better than my SiS 530.

I use a GeForce 2GO in my laptop. Did not have much choise at the time. It was either ATI crap or the GeForce 2GO.

I would say 1 thing, stay away from ATI. I am kinda biast against them, the only ATI graphics card that I had was a pice of trash. overall, they are a lot like the mac in the mac/pc war. They say that they can beat the PC, but they always trail a little bit behind. The VoDoo stuff dosn’t support true OpenGL.

If you are seriouse about graphics, go for a Quadro based card.

using a geforce 2 - never had a problem and new nvidia drivers have always work and have usually given a 50% increase in power!

look for the GAINWARD g4 ti4600 though - it’s freakin insane!

I used G400, but couldn’t run it properly at 1280x1024 resolution… blender had some issues with UV mapping and other… well, actually, it was more openGL and matrox drivers :wink: and I just couldn’t settle for 1024x768 resolution… so, currently, I have a left-over from my friend, nvidia geforce2 32mb DDR… nice card, no glitches here (linux redhat).